Ashley Nocera & Tyler Trott

It was a cloudless day full of sunshine, on Saturday, April 15th, 2016, when Ashley and Tyler exchanged their vows, while their family and closest friends gathered to witness.  After the wedding ceremony, guests began to arrive at the Terrace  Room at the butler days inn, at 5:30 pm. 

The cocktail hour started the reception. As guests enter the lobby, there is a huge board on the table that lists everyone's names alphabetically, and the table number that they will be seated at.  Ashley and Tyler had a photo guestbook filled with their Engagement photos, with places for signatures and well wishes. 

As guests enter the terrace room and find their seats, they observe the Beautifully decorated room. The tables are covered in floor length white linens, and the chairs are covered in white linen chair covers, with a dark purple chair sash tied into a bow. Each table had a magnificent yellow rose trio centerpiece, adding a pop of bright color all around the room and creating a cheerful, happy vibe. 

While guests were enjoying drinks from the bar, assorted cheese balls and fresh baked cookies,they had a chance to view the gorgeous wedding cake.  Placed in the front of the room was a Glamorous three tiered Square wedding cake. It was decorated with white icing with purple swirled accents and royal purple ribbon around the bottom of each tier.  

When the time finally comes for the bride groom to make their anticipated entrance, guests are over- joyed at the moment.

The bridal party all lines up outside of the terrace room doors eagerly awaiting to be announced in. Once the parents of the couple and the bridesmaids and groomsmen have all entered and taken their seats, it is time for the big moment. As Ashley and Tyler are announced as the new mr. and mrs. Trott, they entered their reception with ashley and tyler each wearing sunglasses, hers purple to match the theme. That's when the fun began. Friends and family were overjoyed as the happy couple Entered their big celebration, as the room erupted in delighted cheers and tremendous smiles. 

Before making it to their seats, Ashley and Tyler cut their wedding cake together, sharing smiles and laughs with all of their guests. 

Once the newlyweds made it to their seats, the matron of honor, ashley's sister, and the best man, Tyler's brother began their speeches. The heartfelt words captured everyone's attention as they each spoke of fond memories and wished  the new couple nothing but the best. Everyone was laughing or shedding tears of happiness. After the speeches were over, Ashley's brother asked the blessing, so dinner could begin. 

To start, guests were served mixed green garden salads. Then tables were released to the buffet to Enjoy the delicious meal chosen by the bride and groom. Everyone eagerly went up to fill their plates. Ashley and Tyler chose slow roasted sirloin beef tips over noodles, and traditional chicken breasts stuffed with Homemade stuffing. To compliment their entree choices, Ashley and Tyler chose a fresh vegetable medley of cauliflower, broccoli, and carrots, and buttered Parsley red skin potatoes. 

Once everyone was full from dinner, dessert was served. Guests delighted in eating a piece of the decadent red velvet cake with cream cheese filling. Everyone was full and satisfied when it was time to start dancing and other Festivities.

DJ Brian Russo got the party started with the bride and grooms first dance. The love between the couple was evident to all based on their beaming smiles. When the floor was open to everyone, guests piled on the dance floor, having a blast celebrating the union of two people in love. 

In Appreciation of their guests, Ashley and tyler provided a candy table where their guests could fill up baggies of their favorite candies.  a fun and unique way to say thank you.

Our team would like to extend our well wishes and congratulations to the newlyweds! Best of Luck Mr. and Mrs. Trott!