Leighann McGivern & Peter Bacher

On the sunny Saturday afternoon of March 12, 2016, Family and friends of newlyweds Peter and Leighann Bacher made the journey from Allison Park to the Butler Days Inn’s beautiful Terrace Ballroom to celebrate the earlier nuptials. While the bride and groom were away enjoying each other and capturing beautiful memories of their special day with their young son, guests were slowly arriving at the reception.

 As guests walked toward the entrance to the glamorous venue, they were greeted with a table covered in peach satin overlays, containing antique white and blue photo frames of Wedding portraits of family members. To make seating arrangements more fun, Leighann made each guest a tag with their name, and table number attached to a brass key. She hung each key on pins inside of a large white, antique picture frame. Guests were laughing and enjoying themselves finding their key and admiring the old pictures.

 The cocktail hour kick started the reception. Upon entering The Terrace Room, guests enjoyed Butler passed bruschetta, one of our delicious cheese ball displays, and fresh homemade cookies. The bar was opened for of age guests to enjoy a beverage with their appetizers. Friends and Family mingled about casually talking, finding their seats, and admiring the room.  Leighann decorated the Terrace room in dusty blue and peach.  Her tables had floor length white table cloths with dusty blue overlays and the chairs were covered in white linen chair covers, with organza peach chair sashes tied into a bow.  The cookie and gift tables were decorated with peach overlays, accenting the room even further. Each guest table had centerpieces of either a rose trio, or rose vase trimmed with white lace. The alternating floral centerpieces allowed for a nice contrast among the tables. The soft colors gave off a very pleasant cheerful vibe that immediately put everyone at ease.

 At the very front of the room was the wedding cake.  The three tier round cake was decorated in such a way that it only added more to the room. The top layers were adorned with glamorous ivory frosting, accented with delicate ivory pearls. The bottom layer was covered in blush frosting, flawlessly shaped into petite roses.  Guests regarded the cake with eager eyes, excited to try a taste!

 While guests are socializing and snacking on appetizers, Leighann and Peter arrive at The Terrace Room.  The room was buzzing with anticipation as the DJ began to announce the parents of the new couple into the room. Following the parents was the Best Man along with the ring bearer and flower girl. Subsequently, the Maid of honor entered the room carrying Leighann and Peter’s adorable son. Finally, the moment everyone was waiting for arrived and the Dj announced the New Mr. & Mrs. Bacher into the Terrace room. The room erupted in smiles and joyful cheers, as friends and family received the beaming couple.

 Once the cheering subsided, the couple cut their luxurious cake, and shared some laughs during the time old tradition. Everyone settled back into their seats to hear the toasts from the best man and maid of honor. The speeches were filled with emotion and memories, not leaving a dry eye in room. Once the blessing was given the professional staff passed crisp mixed green salads to all of the guests.  The bridal party then headed to the buffet for the delicious food awaiting them. Leighann and Peter had delicious stuffed chicken breast filled with hearty traditional bread stuffing covered in homemade gravy and pasta primavera full of delicious roasted vegetables in a creamy garlic sauce. The side options included fresh green bean almandine and garlic smashed redskin potatoes. Guests savored their meals, some even going back for more! Then it was time for dessert. Delicious almond cake with strawberry preserves or chocolate cake with peanut butter filling was the choices; you couldn’t go wrong with either!

 Once dinner was finished, the skillfull staff cleared all of the dishes, removed the buffet station, and the floor was ready for dancing!  To commence the dancing for the evening, the Dj announced that Peter and Leighann were going to have their first dance as husband and wife. Their radiant smiles could be spotted from all over the room. They called for their young son who had a blast dancing with his parents, and dancing alone to a beat of his own. The picture perfect moments were abundant during this adorable first dance. After that the Dj called Leighann and her father to the dance floor for the customary father/daughter dance. They exchanged many smiles and laughs while they swayed together to the music. Next Peter danced with his mother, enjoying loving moments together on this special day.

 Now it was time for the dance floor to open up to everyone. Guests enjoyed the music and dancing in celebration of the newlyweds.  In between dancing and interacting everyone enjoyed a photo booth; capturing the moments and keeping them forever.

 Throughout the evening, the laughter and joy was evident among the bride and groom and all of their guests. The Crystal Room staff would like to thank the newlyweds Peter and Leighann Bacher for allowing us to be a part of their special day! Best of Luck to both of you and your families!