Winter is my personal favorite time of the year to host a wedding! I am sure you have heard the expression…It is a nice day for a White Wedding. The Crystal & Terrace Room not only offer a discount for those White Weddings in the winter months but are also adding a Complimentary Signature Drink Bar for your cocktail hour. Why should you have a winter wedding you may ask? For one, it is something different, not your usual hot summer month. Your wedding guests will be ready for a night out, unlike the summer months where they have too little time with all the vacations, picnics and graduation parties already scheduled. With the Holiday Season mixed in with the winter months, you will feel the warmth and kindness from all your guests, people are generally happier this time of year.

Weddings in the winter months usually come with discounts from all your vendors, photographers, Disc Jockey’s, florist, and many more,  just ask to see what they have to offer. There is also less competition for the wedding dates so you are more likely to get your first choice date and the popular DJ you always wanted. Snow will be an added bonus for the photographer who will love the natural lighting for those spectacular outside photos, no need to worry about guests driving, most cars are well equipped these days. There will be countless ideas from your florist for those bouquets, try something out of the ordinary, the wedding decoration ideas for winter months are endless. Wedding Cookies will save you time,  chances are you already will have those wedding cookies in your freezer that you have been baking or leftover from the Holidays. If you happen to choose the Holiday season, a lot of your out of town guests will be thrilled, not only do a lot of people take vacation from work that time of year, the kids are out of school and they can take the time for a mini vacation to share the Holidays and your wedding celebration with family and friends! It is a great time for a White Wedding!

There is no better place to have your wedding than in one of Butler’s most exquisite ballroom’s, Crystal Room or Terrace Room where your guests will be welcomed with a warm atmosphere, crystal chandeliers that sparkle like ice and the warm glow from the candles. The professional staff will ensure your guests have, a wonderful meal, plenty of drinks and the the Bride & Groom have the wedding of their dreams! Book your winter wedding today! We serve the greater Pittsburgh area.

Also, please join us at our Bridal Show on Sunday, March 4, 2018!