Quick History Lesson:

The great holiday of Thanksgiving is approaching right around the corner. We are nearing the 400th year of Thanksgiving celebrations! In 1621 the Wampanoag and the Pilgrims sat down to enjoy a three day feast to celebrate their settling at Plymouth Plantation. This holiday has evolved throughout the centuries, but two things have stayed  the same….FAMILY and FOODThis time of the year is for giving thanks and appreciation to your loved ones. It is becoming more popluar for families to go out for Thanksgiving dinner, which in turn allocates more time spent with the family. Keep reading to find out the benefits of letting us do the cooking for you.


1. Buying the groceries and turkey

Problem Solved: Going out for Thanksgiving dinner can actually be more economical than planning your own meal. This is a more financially responsible move to make because everything needed to make a fantastic meal for your loved ones can add up quickly. The average cost of hosting a Thanksgiving dinner is rising every year.


Our Thanksgiving Buffet Prices:

$19.95+ tax & gratuity per adult

$11.95+ tax & gratuity per child ages 4-10

Children ages 3 & under is free

2. Not having enough time

Problem solved: Thanksgiving is an expression of gratitude for your loved ones. Planning a Thanksgiving feast can cause you to become overwhelmed and stressed, especially when it comes time to cooking the turkey! Prepping the dinner eliminates precious time that could be spent with friends and family; by joining us at Days Inn Butler for your Thanksgiving dinner you can enjoy a stress free meal with your loved ones. Try something different, you never know it could be fun!

Our dinner is served Thursday November 22nd, 2018 from 12:00pm – 3:00pm


3. The clean up

Problem solved:  We all know there is cleaning that needs to be done before Thanksgiving arrives and a mass cleanup after dinner is over. On top of the mess that needs to be cleaned, everyone is hanging out in the kitchen getting in your way. Join us at Days Inn Butler and eliminate the hastle of cleaning up the Thanksgiving mess.