Your getting married….. who oversees all the pre-wedding parties? While there is no preset rule for the parties, generally the maid of honor and bridesmaids organize the shower and bachelorette party and the best man & groomsmen throw the bachelor party. The days of the parties being one sex or the other, have passed, coed showers, bachelorette & bachelor parties are now acceptable and quite often done.

Lets talk bridal shower….. This is traditionally a time for the guests to get together and shower the bride with household gifts she may need to set up a home. The bride will more than likely have a wedding registry set up, so the guest can easily buy her gifts she has picked out. This saves the guest a lot of time and makes it easier on the bride, so she will not have to return items. Times and traditions have changed, you may find the bride may have already set up her home and has no need for a registry, in this case, they may request gift cards or even money for the honeymoon fund, this is accepted for today’s times. It’s a “anything goes” type of today. Plan to have the shower one to three months prior to the wedding.

Who oversees coordinating the shower and what does it involve? The maid of honor is usually in charge of the shower and the bachelorette party and the bridesmaids are expected to add their ideas, chip in financially and help with the party. However, it is acceptable for the mother of bride or mother of the groom, or anyone else to organize the wedding shower and share the expense. Depending upon the size it may be held in someone’s home or it may be in a venue, either way is fine. A light meal is usually offered, and games are played. Try not to do too many games as this can become tedious to some guest and remember, before playing who knows the bride best, the groom’s family is also involved and may not know the bride at all, so try to play wedding games and plan the day to suit both families. If a group of people are throwing the party, be sure to check everyone’s budget as to not add pressure to anyone financially. This is a fun day, enjoy!

Now on to the Bachelor & Bachelorette Parties!

Bachelorette and Bachelor parties, the Best Man and the Maid of Honor are typically in charge of setting up this fun filled event!  These parties are also being held coed and often shared to save on expenses of party buses and limos. Be sure to check with the Bride and Groom before sharing the party as this may not be what they were hoping for! There are plenty of party ideas from an out of town trip,  spa day, a luncheon, a night out, or maybe even a backyard bonfire. Whatever you plan, have fun with it!

Who should be invited?  Typically, it is the wedding party, often parents, siblings of the bride and groom and a few close friends. You may even ask the Bride and Groom whom they would like to be invited. Just remember this is the time to relax and have fun! Unlike a shower where the host takes on the financial responsibility, at the bachelor and bachelorette parties, it is fine to ask everyone to pay their share, buy their own drinks, ect., but remember, the bride and groom should not be expected to pay for anything.

Plan to have your parties two to three weeks prior to the wedding as to give the Bride and Groom the time needed for last minute ceremony and reception details.

Whatever you plan, I am sure the wedding couple will have a night to remember with family & friends!

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