2019 Wedding Dress Trends

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Mock Necks

Mock necks are making a big comeback in 2019. What is a mock neck? The fabric of the wedding dress is structured to make a slight, high-rise neckline. These mock necks pair well with another trend in 2019 and that is bridal tiaras! Check out the photos to get a good grasp on how BEAUTIFUL these neck lines are!


Bustle has always been a statement point on a wedding dress. So what make the trend different in 2019? Well, designers are using bustles to experiment with different fabrics. An example of a combination could be satin and lace. Along with the bustler, oversized bows are making their way back around. However, the oversized bows are structured to turn into trains.  BRILLIANT! 


Glitter is simple and elegant. Brides are made to sparkle on their big day. This new trend really makes a statement on the big day! The small hints of sparkle will make the bride shine no matter where the light shines on them. The best part of having  a glitter wedding dress is that there is no lace or embroidery needed to make a statement on your big day. 



Sleeves have officially made their return. Kate Middleton has made a big impact on wedding dresses with sleeves in her April wedding in 2011. Kate’s lace sleeves were a huge hit in 2012 following her royal wedding. The lace trend has made a return, but with a bit of a flare. Think big and extravagant sleeves for 2019. We are seeing exaggerated, voluminous sleeves that will really steal the show! Can you say, UNIQUE?