2019 Floral Wedding Trends

Terra Cotta

Terra Cotta is a beautiful and relatively cost efficient material for centerpeices. This material is a strong brownish-red color that pairs well with almost any color scheme. Terra Cotta will be making a statment in 2019 and I cannot wait to see how beautiful it turns out!


Jewel tones such as amethyst, emerald, and ruby are looking like a big hit for this upcoming wedding season. These colors will dazzle your guests because of the wide range of options. These jewel tones will pair well with copper and terra cotta! The jewel tones are my personal favorite because they are beautiful, fun, and bold.


Go big and go bold for your 2019 wedding. Indulge in bright colors to really shine on your big day. Dahlias are the perfect flower for the occasion. These flowers have texture and a wide range of color palettes which give the arrangement an elevated look. Combine these bold colors with the timeless grey tones to create a unique contrast.

Deep Purples

As the trend shifts from rustic to bold is beautiful, you will witness the rebirth of deep and sophisticated colors. The deep purples and blues are really making a statement in the upcoming year. These deep colors are specifically perfect for winter weddings.


Industrial wedding decor is going to have its moment in 2019. The chic monochramtic color palettes pair well with almost any color. This style is every where because it is one of the hottest trends. This style is a great pair with the jewel tones because it becomes a very modern look.

Mustard Yellow

Yellow is the perfect color for upcoming weddings. It is bright and bold. Yellow really reveals the optimistic cheerfulness of a wedding! Also, yellow has versatility for an abundance of exciting and memorable combinations.

Dusty Rose

Dusty tones are making headlines for 2019 weddings. The greyish pink color coordinates perfectly with traditional wedding colors; while still breaking the norm of traditional weddings. The dusty rose palette does not limit you to any one style, it is very versatile. There are so many creative ways to use this color scheme and make it your own!

Grey Tones

Having grey tones in your color scheme is becoming a big hit. This is great because grey is a neutral color; therefore, there are endless colors to combine with grey. This color scheme is one of my favorites because it combines well with the mustard yellow and the dusty rose. Grey tones give the bride free reign to personalize her wedding!