2019 Trends


Wedding invites are a crucial part of planning a wedding. They are the first thing guests will see from your wedding. Invitations set the tone of what to expect at the wedding and helps the guest prepare for the big event! Lets not forget the invites are typically kept as memorabilia for years after the event as a reminder of the special day.

 Maps: Couples are using maps of their hometown or where they are getting married for their wedding invitations. This idea is genius and makes the invites personal!

Envelope Liners: the inside of the envelope is usually overlooked, but not next year! By adding a pattern to the inside of your envelope, you will be creating a timeless look. It is simple and does not overcrowd the invitation. 

Mixed Metals: this look is beautiful! Gold, Silver, and copper mixed wiith metallic is a powerful look. The contrast is striking and memorable.

Different Shapes and Materials: forget the paper envelopes…in 2019 using different materials like plastic and wood for invitations is the new trend. Sending magnetic invites or wrapping the invites as small gifts gives a unique touch to your wedding. Think 3D for 2019!

Ombre: this theme is the perfect way to share your color scheme with your guest and helps them prepare their attire!

Calligraphy: the classic invitation look. The swirly typography and hand-written words bring beauty to any invitation no matter what the year!

Pictures: using a picture of the couple as the background to the invitation is genius. It is simple, but gives the guests a glimpse of the happy couple soon to be married.